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Max A. Harris (713) 453-8822


May 16, 2024


4800 Falls of Neuse Rd., Suite 600
Raleigh, NC 27609

Jill Strickland
(919) 829-1122 ext 2263


SoftPro® Releases Integration with TitleLogix Solutions, LLC

Raleigh, NC – May 16, 2024 – SoftPro released a new integration with TitleLogix Solutions, LLC for tax and homeowner association (HOA) certificates. SoftPro users can order and receive TitleLogix products via SoftPro 360, the free vendor portal linking SoftPro users to a nationwide network of third-party service providers.

SoftPro customers can order tax certificates and updates from TitleLogix directly through SoftPro 360. Once the tax or HOA certificate is completed, it is delivered electronically back via the SoftPro 360 portal.

SoftPro Chief Customer Officer Patrick Hempen commented, “We’re excited to launch this new integration with TitleLogix Solutions, which provides our customers another tool for increasing their productivity and data accuracy.”

"TitleLogix Solutions has completed the integration of its TGX platform with SoftPro 360, resulting in improved efficiency, and fewer processing steps required to order, receive and load tax and HOA certificate results into SoftPro 360 for title companies,” stated Max Harris, president and CEO of TitleLogix Solutions. “The improvement in processing efficiency is critical to a title company's need to reduce production costs.”

SoftPro 360 is free to all SoftPro users and eliminates manual, time-consuming tasks such as email and phone calls. As a seamless portal, SoftPro 360 links SoftPro users to a nationwide network of integrated vendors such as TitleLogix.

About SoftPro

SoftPro is the nation’s leading provider of title, closing and escrow software. Offering an award-winning suite of products designed to increase volume and revenue, SoftPro delivers innovative
technologies to streamline the closing process. SoftPro has been recognized by the American Business Awards every year since 2007 – winning awards for superior customer service, support and product development.

To learn more about SoftPro and its products and services, visit or call 1-800-848-0143.

©2024 SoftPro. All Rights Reserved. SoftPro is a trademark and the property of SoftPro, its subsidiaries, and affiliated companies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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May 5, 2024

TitleLogix Solutions, LLC announces the Launch of National Tax Certification Services

Irving, TX – TitleLogix Solutions, LLC announced the launch of its National Tax Certification Services, a property Tax Certificate produced and delivered by TGX, a state-of-the-art, multi-dimensional web-based production platform developed by TitleLogix.

The launch of the National Tax Certification Services, supported by TGX, is designed to produce and deliver a Tax Certificate for any property in the United States”, says Max Harris, President of TitleLogix.  “TitleLogix’s National Tax Certificate product is designed to match the content, clarity and accuracy of the TitleLogix Tax and HOA certificate that has been produced in Texas for over 2 years with extremely fast turn-times.”   

TitleLogix’s TGX multi-tenant platform is a property tax service application supporting the automated ordering and manufacturing of Ad Valorem Tax and HOA Certificates and related products that is engineered to support both retail and private label customers.  TGX utilizes research capabilities driven by a rules-based search engine and underlying data management, that supports integration, workflow, reporting, production, customer service, and accounting.

TGX enables TitleLogix users to process and review tax service requests from anywhere at any time.  TGX data strategy combines data aggregation, data engineering, real-time data scrapes, and manual research to deliver time sensitive comprehensive tax certification solutions on any property, anywhere.  

TitleLogix, as a manufacturer, serves both the retail and wholesale tax certification marketplaces.  Integrated with all major Title Production Software platforms, the ease of ordering tax certificates with a couple of clicks or as an automated task, reduces a title production team’s work.

With today’s news, TitleLogix is pleased to announce that TGX is now operational nationwide.


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November 1, 2023

TitleLogix Solutions, LLC announces the launch of TGX

SAN ANTONIO, TX – TitleLogix Solutions, LLC announced the launch of TGX, a state-of-the-art comprehensive tax certification platform.

“TGX” is TitleLogix Solution’s Software as a Service (SaaS) tax certification production platform designed to deliver products to the title insurance and lender markets”, says Max Harris, president of TitleLogix.  “TGX is a fully functional manufacturing platform that seamlessly integrates with customers for the placement of tax certificate requests on properties, the research and manufacture of the certificates, and the integrated delivery of the certificates back to the customer.   TGX offers a single or multi-tenant, Web based Portal solution that combines rules-based research and reporting, workflow management and tracking, client management, and accounting, supported by a comprehensive data management strategy.”   

TGX enables TitleLogix users to process and review tax service requests from anywhere at any time.  TGX combines data aggregation, data engineering, and database management, supporting real-time data scrapes, and manual research to deliver time sensitive comprehensive tax certification solutions.  Products produced are Ad Valorem Tax Certificates, HOA Certificates, Notice to Purchaser and Notice of Obligation documents, consisting of current and delinquent tax and HOA information from various state, county, and tax jurisdictions, with applicable tax amounts due, including penalty and interest, court cost, suits and attorney fees as may be applicable for each property searched. TGX products are guaranteed for accuracy.   Today, TGX operates statewide in Texas with plans for production in additional states in the future.  TGX, as a manufacturer, serves both the retail and wholesale tax certification marketplace.


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November 9, 2021

​TitleLogix Solutions, LLC announces the acquisition of D&D Tax Service, Inc. and Launch of the TitleLogix Tax Certificate Production Platform.

DALLAS, TX - TitleLogix Solutions, LLC, Texas based title information software solution company, led by Industry veteran Max Harris, has acquired Houston based D&D Tax Service. With offices now in Dallas and Houston as well as the development and implementation of their Tax Certificate Production Platform, TitleLogix can more efficiently deliver state-of-the-art technology solutions to the title insurance industry statewide.


With the acquisition of D&D, TitleLogix will now be able to add Ad Valorem and HOA tax certification services to their Title Insurance industry offerings. D&D Founder Eugene Dagley says, “I Couldn’t be happier than to turn over D&D to Max Harris. Both companies have excellent reputations in the Title Industry, as well as strong work ethics. TitleLogix has a keen vision of where the tax service industry needs to go in the years ahead. I know our customers are in good hands and TitleLogix will continue our legacy of quality, and customer care”.


This acquisition comes alongside the implementation of TitleLogix’s Tax Certificate Production Platform. TitleLogix president Max Harris says, “I am thrilled to continue D&D’s legacy of quality and professionalism and add the D&D team of tax service experts. This along with the addition of our Tax Production Platform allows us to offer 100% on-shore and Texas based production, customer service and management,”. The new platform offers the title industry great flexibility and new production options. A Web-based Portal enables customers access anywhere at any time for ordering and retrieval of tax certificates; the integration of tax results seamlessly with our customers title production platforms optimizes title production efficiencies and improves the accuracy of essential services; as well as a SaaS Model – supporting customers that want self-service tax production.








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July 29, 2021

Announcing the launch of TITLELOGIX SOLUTIONS, LLC

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Web Based title information solutions to reduce costs and improve turn-time, while creating efficiencies in production.

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July 28, 2021

Max Harris appointed President and CEO of TitleLogix Solutions

TitleLogix is now open for business. We will soon be releasing more information about our products and services and how our SaaS technologies can arm your business to compete and win in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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