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Our Technology

Discover TitleLogix Solutions Tech: Revolutionizing the Title Process with TGX

Welcome to TitleLogix Solutions, where innovation meets efficiency in the world of Tax Certificates and documents required for title processing. TGX, our cutting-edge SaaS platform sets new industry standards by seamlessly integrating automation, scalability, compliance, and security, all while drastically increasing accuracy and reducing turnaround times. Say goodbye to the old ways and embrace a future where your title process is faster, smarter, and more secure. 

Best in Class

Tax Certificates: Experience the power of automation with rules-based completion, real-time balance acquisition, and expert staff with a combined 200+ years of TX Property Tax experience. Layouts customizable to meet your customer’s needs. 

HOA/Estoppel: Enhanced accuracy and efficiency with our carefully manicured HOA database and automated Subdivision matching. Access comprehensive contact information, account balances, and documentation, surpassing the limitations of other providers. 


Notice to Purchaser and Notice of Obligation: Automatically identifies MUDs, PIDs and Special Districts, and generates the required documents, complete with custom invoicing that allows you to add new revenue streams.

Advanced Workflow Automation 
Seamless Integrations: Our platform effortlessly integrates with the major Title Origination software platforms as well as offers custom APIs for automated order placement and retrieval. 

AI-Driven Appraisal District Account Location: Reduce staffing requirements and processing time while enjoying the benefits of hands-off order placement.


Data Integration: Say goodbye to manual data entry. Our platform returns Tax Certificate and HOA data, eliminating the need for copy-pasting and reducing errors.


Auto-Reorder: Ensure compliance and efficiency by automating Tax Certificate updates prior to closing, reducing staffing needs and potential issues.


Next Generation Technology
Built-in Scalability with MicroServices Framework: Our platform architecture allows for individual components to be hosted on separate servers, offering unparalleled scalability and adaptability to meet growing needs.

Multi-Tenant Architecture: Allows you to go beyond private label, allowing you to use platform to fulfill your own work and manage your own customers, or use platform in combination with TitleLogix Fulfillment experienced team. 

TitleLogix Solutions redefines the Title Process

Join us on this exciting journey to automate and streamline your workflow, enhance compliance and accuracy, and supercharge your efficiency. Your future in title processing starts here!

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