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The Future of Title Information Services


"TGX” is TitleLogix Solution's 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) tax certification production platform designed to deliver products to the title insurance and lender markets.

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Who We Are

Max Harris
President and CEO

TitleLogix Solutions, LLC was formed by Max Harris in February 2021 as a Special Purpose Vehicle to acquire an existing title tax service company in Texas and enter the title insurance and lender service markets.  In June 2021 TitleLogix acquired 48-year-old D&D Tax Service doing business in the Houston area.  In September 2021 TitleLogix launched the statewide production of Tax Certificates, HOA Certificates and other products in Texas.


Upon inception, TitleLogix began the development of the next generation tax production platform, “TGX” that went live in April 2023.

TGX, while supporting TitleLogix’s 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) business model, is a state-of-the-art property tax service application supporting the automated manufacturing of Ad Valorem Tax and HOA Certificates and related products and is designed to support both single and multi-tenant web-based customers.  TGX utilizes research capabilities driven by a rules-based search engine and underlying data management.  TGX is a comprehensive technology platform supporting integration, research, database management, workflow routing, reporting, production, client management, and accounting.

TitleLogix's Mission

To deliver Value to our Customers through the generation of Products with Precise Content; Unparalleled Speed; Production Efficiency; Excellent Service and Guaranteed Accuracy.

Our Technology

  • Best in Class

Tax Certificates

  • Advanced Workflow Automation

Seamless Integrations

AI-Driven Account Location

Data Integration


  • Next Generation Technology

Built-in Scalability

MicroServices Framework

Multi-Tenant Architecture

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